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New swine flu strain found in Brazil – INQUIRER.net, Philippine News for Filipinos

Here’s something to watch out for. This may turn out more serious than we think. New swine flu strain found in Brazil – INQUIRER.net, Philippine News for Filipinos.

BusinessWorld Online: Psst!

Art that hews closely to Filipino life is often depressing. Despite being a social realist, Daniel “Dansoy” Coquilla chooses to celebrate the humor that permits everyday people to survive the chaos of Manila. In Laro, his 17th solo show, the artist focuses on the games played by masses and the rules they bend as they navigate through their existence. “Ayoko mag-sentimento o mag-drama kasi happy tayo lagi. Even after tragedies, happy pa rin — parang walang nangyari,” Mr. Coquilla said. (I don’t want to be sentimental or dramatic about our situation since we’re always happy. Even after tragedies, we’re still happy — it’s like nothing happened.) BusinessWorld Online: Psst!. Vespinoy is proud to have you as one of its’ own...

5 Up!

Saw this video on this thread in Motorcycle Philippines. Watch it, it’s so crazy it’s amazing….but still...

Totally 80’s Yeah!

Got to meet a great 80’s icon Rick Astley last night. I was invited by my sister to come with her to the last leg of the Rick Astley kick off tour held at Alchemy in QC. Got there a bit earlier than the rest, as usual but was able to get good seats beside the DJ’s booth. Mr. A arrived around 11:30 and pandemonium broke loose. Everyone wanted to get their photo taken with Rick, and my wife Des was fortunate enough to elbow her way beside Rick and had her picture taken by my nephew Enzo. Mission accomplished! Sino kaya...

We’ve been Cracked!

I do believe that’s Mike Defensor. Was browsing my favorite lunch break site Cracked.Com and was surprised to see that we’ve actually made their list…again. We’ve previously made their list, the Balut being the culprit and bagging top honors in their “The 6 Most Terrifying Foods in the World” list. Now we have this, “6 Retarded Gas Saving Schemes (People Are Actually Trying)”, a very relevant topic. And “The Khaos Super Turbo Charger” places number 4! As you can see from the photo above, even Mike Defensor seems to agree, this thing works! Apparently, according to Cracked…. This device will do exactly what it says it will do. It will actually change the fuel/air mixture in your car. Awesome! You know what else can change the fuel/air mixture in your car? Something we like to call, the engine. Read the entire hilarious article here. Oh by the way, I heard the Philippines will be filing a protest…….we wanted to be #1, #4 just doesn’t cut it! We wuz...

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