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Feeling much better

After having been sidelined for the good part of a month, I finally feel better. After a battery of pills and tons of rest I think I can slowly get back to my normal routine. Sorry for not being able to post as often as I would like, but it was really tough the past few weeks and I was really not in the mood. Now that I have no more excuse, I guess it’s time to blog away again!!

Testing my endurance

I did it. After roughly 9 hours and countless bouts with muscle cramps, I finished the minimum number of laps (25) at the Suunto 12 Hour Endurance Race at the Filcity Mountain Bike Park organized by Sabak. It was my first race on a bicycle and my first athletic competition of any kind for a long time. So, it was with mixed emotions that I started the day for the race. The pre-race jitters were there. I miss that feeling. That feeling of anticipation. Although I was never in contention at any point in the race, since my main objective was to finish the minimum number of laps alive, I relished the feeling of competition again, something I had not felt in a long time. After finishing the minimum required laps at roughly 7:30 PM (I was at 16 laps at 3pm but my muscle cramps in both legs rendered me useless for a good 2-3 hours after that), Mitch Estella, my partner in crime in this race had scheduled ourselves to go out on the track again at 8pm and finish the race. But the clouds opened up and rain fell on the track and that was that. We decided that someone else has decided for us not to continue the race. All in all it was a really satisfying experience that I cannot wait to do again. I know I will never be able to even think about being in contention but who cares, obviously not me!! More photos...

2211 9-Ball Fussball Challenge

Welcome 2008!

photo courtesy of minggoy Happy New Year from Vespinoy, Vespinay, and our Vespinettes!

Off Vespa: Christmas on the Mountains

I was lucky enough to have the chance to ride my mountain bike just before Christmas. It was decided during the Vespinoy Christmas get together that December 23, Sunday would be a good day to go biking again. My last ride out, to test the track at Filinvest, where they held the Sabak 12 hour endurance race was a real disappointment for me. Still feeling nervous after suffering 2 falls in my last 2 rides on the trails, I was hesitating on the track at every given opportunity. I just barely finished 2 laps and decided to call it quits since I was having a really terrible time. It was a welcome relief to come back to the Sta. Rosa trails to get rid of some of my demons. It was a really wonderful ride on so many levels. Des had a blast riding down Upak, clingking and clangking all the way down. Yeyey has really improved so much over the months. Ricky and the other Sabak boys were ecstatic once Yey reached the Buko stop after the Cardiac hill climb. And the way down was just pure fun. John also had a very good ride, considering this was his very first trail ride. Ang galing mo dude!!!! Yey has already blogged about his ride and you can read it here. Photos are from Manu’s...

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