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GMA signs mandatory helmet law

President Arroyo has signed the Mandatory Helmet Act of 2010 that requires all motorcycle drivers and their passengers to wear helmets at all times and imposes stiff penalties on violators. Republic Act 10054, authored by Sen. Ramon Revilla Jr., is aimed at protecting motorcycle drivers, back-riders as well as pedestrians from injuries and death in accidents. The law, however, exempts drivers of tricycles – a motorcycle with a side cab, which is a common mode of transport in the country – from wearing helmets. “From narrow streets to major thoroughfares, motorcycles and scooters are a common sight every day and night. Wearing helmets will greatly reduce fatalities in road accidents and would also (foster) a sense of discipline in all motorcycle riders,” he said. Revilla said it took a long while to see his measure enacted into law. There are an estimated 3.5 million motorcycles registered in the country. “After more than two years of pushing this bill, our long wait is finally over,” Revilla said. “The passage of this measure will not be fulfilled if not for the support of our motorcyclists and the motorcycle manufacturers and dealers who are aware of the danger of not wearing a helmet.” He said studies have show that good helmets and their proper use are estimated to be 37 percent effective in preventing fatal injuries and 67 percent effective in preventing brain damage to motorcycle drivers and their passengers. Under the law, those who will be caught not wearing protective helmets face a minimum fine of P1,500 and a maximum penalty of P10,000. The law requires the Department of Trade and Industry to conduct mandatory tests on all locally manufactured and imported motorcycle helmets in the country. Manufacturers and importers of motorcycle helmets are also required to secure a Philippine Standard mark or an import commodity clearance before they can sell and distribute their products or pay a fine of P10,000 to P20,000 if they violate the provision. (Source:...


Want to watch a liar squirm? Excellent grilling by Winnie Monsod! Part 1 Part 2 Hahahaha! Huli ka!

(Non Vespa Post) The Explainer Dialogues – Poll Automation

I’m watching a replay of Manolo Quezon’s The Explainer Dialogues on ANC about Poll Automation. His guests are Leah Navarro, James Jimenez and Dean Jorge Bocobo. My observation? Dean Jorge Bocobo needs his own show. Nobody can talk when he’s your guest. He bullies everyone and gives no room for opinions opposite of his. He’s obviously a smart man but extremely boorish and arrogant. James Jimenez was basically reduced to furniture. Even when Manolo was asking the rest of the panel the question Dean Jorge Bocobo would answer the question and when interrupted would say, “Can I finish?” Anak ng kamote!! Listen…..Listen to others…….Don’t liste to your own...

The uncrowning of the ‘Komiks King’ – INQUIRER.net

The uncrowning of the ‘Komiks King’ – INQUIRER.net, Philippine News for Filipinos. “National Artist” means being known nationwide, says Caparas’ wife Donna Villa. It is a ridiculous presumption, and would exclude even the artists Caparas defends. It is not as if Muslim teenagers have occasion to admire Moreno’s evening gowns, and I would hesitate to ask the man on the street if he knows what Alvarez’s Peta means. And yet the award is not the white tower that Caparas styles himself as the challenger. The works of Nick Joaquin, Lino Brocka and many others have proved themselves both nationally significant and nationally recognized during their time. And yet to use the standards of Caparas is to protest that Willie Revillame and the Viva Hot Babes have not yet been considered National...

Vespaalam Tita Cory!

We said goodbye to our beloved Corazon “Tita Cory” Aquino yesterday. She was the 11th President of the Republic and the mother of our democracy. Joined my hundreds of thousands of our countrymen Tita Cory would have been proud of us as we all braved the wind, the rain and the chaos just for the chance to say goodbye. Thank you and paalam Tita Cory! Photo by Green Wasp. More photos and stories of the ride...

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