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GILERA RUNNER ST200 Sport Tourer

Celebrating 10 years of production, the seductive and fun to ride Gilera Runner range has been completely renewed.  The Runner ST 200 is powered by liquid cooled, four valve, four stroke engine. This exuberant engine is just one of the ingredients of the new Runner, “the scooter that thinks it’s a bike”!

Boasting of sales over 360,000 units since 1997 are conclusive proof of the tremendous success achieved by the Gilera Runner in the sports scooter market. With so much in the way of design, technology, and components taken from the world of motorcycles, the Runner delivers big bike riding thrills with all the practical convenience of a scooter.

Gilera Runner: half bike, half scooter
Just a few words are enough to sum up the character of the Gilera Runner. A streamlined and aggressive line with a real racing look;  liquid cooled; with excellent rolling chassis is characterised by its light weight and rigidity, a 14” front wheel, and brakes at the very top of the category. These are the characteristics that make the Gilera Runner truly unique, the sports scooter “par excellence”, half bike - half scooter.

The aesthetic qualities of the Gilera Runner interpret the concept of a “scooter with a bike inside” to the full. The dynamic effect of the volumes is highlighted by the distribution of the same, which hails to current trends in the world of racing bikes. The “well-equipped” front of the Gilera Runner is set off by the uncluttered rear, to emphasize a sporty riding position, and excellent control on the road. The front gives the scooter a strong, aggressive look, while the rear exalts its manoeuvrability.


The versions of the Runner with number plates are completely new. There are new components that gives you a  new riding experience, brilliant and typically Gilera. The leg shield on the Runner ST has been totally redesigned to improve the ergonomics, sports a modern aerodynamic deflectors in the same colour as the plastic, which also offers total protection. The Runner has been designed to improve your riding experience in every possible scenario, that is why the ST version – the 200 cc model – has a higher, tinted windshield which, while created with the intention of protecting the rider, still hails the typical Gilera sporting style.

The Runner ST is characterised by a series of details that combine the sporting image of the Runner range with a distinct elegance and sobriety.  Thanks for the new colour and style: the front side panels are painted to match the rest of the bodywork, the plastic parts of the lower fairing are black like the passenger foot pegs and the lateral side panels are pigmented black. The side panels under the rear of the Runner ST, are the same colour as the rest of the vehicle. The black painted luggage rack plate, is ready to take the top box and integrates with the pillion handles.

Improvements have been made to bring out the full-blown and fully-grown nature of the new Runner ST: the new rear-view mirrors are elongated with an elegant elliptical form and make the front of the vehicle visibly lighter. The instrumentation on the ST, an analog/digital mix, is sober but captivating: the analog rev counter has a black dial and silver trim around the circumference with stylized numbers and white reference marks. It is backlit by red LEDs. The digital instrumentation is backlit red and includes speedometer, odometer, trip counter, petrol level, radiator temperature and clock. A series of luminous indicators also shows the following: petrol reserve, indicators flashing, high beam, engine oil level.

The rolling chassis

The impressive and sporting lines of the Gilera Runner hide a frame that is superior to those currently used on sports scooters.
The frame is a double cradle made of high-resistance tubular steel with cold-pressed steel plate reinforcement, following a completely new constructional concept in the search for the maximum torsional rigidity and the greatest ability to absorb stress.  The result is a precise and dynamic behaviour with the frame easily laying down all the power produced by the engine.

The design of the Runner’s frame has a decisive influence on the general aesthetics of the vehicle as far as the central tunnel goes, which right from the very first 1997 version has been one of the distinctive features of the Runner and the mark of a no-compromise project aiming at excellence in terms of performance. This particular configuration of the frame gives the rider a feeling with the vehicle that can’t be found on traditional scooters, and the rider can “feel” the behaviour of the rolling chassis through their legs.

The design of the frame makes it possible to lower the centre of gravity –fuel tank is also housed under the central tunnel –making weight masses centralized to obtain the very best handling, precision and stability on the road.  The suspension has also been designed on the basis of the Runner design philosophy to excel in performance. The 200 version is equipped with 35 mm “traditional forks” and have double hydraulic dampers with adjustable spring preload.

The Gilera Runner have big wheels. The new rims, made of light alloy which gives maximum rigidity and light weight are of a six-spoke sport design, with a 14” wheel at the front and a 13” at the rear fitted with a 120/70 tyre on the front, and up to a 140/60 on the rear.
These sizes are found on a real sports bike which guarantee excellent stability and cornering limits unequalled in the world of scooters which means total control of the vehicle.
In the sport riding style of the Runner, the braking system plays a very important role. The thrill of braking hard into a curve and reaching breathtaking stopping distances and maximum safety on the road, are guaranteed by the two disc brakes (240 mm front and 220 mm rear) and a floating front twin-piston caliper.

The engine

The supersports Gilera comes with 200 cc –brilliant and high-tech, liquid cooled engine.  This engine gives you top performance and make the new Gilera a real “green light and go” bike.

The new Runner ST 200, with the powerful and high-tech 200 cc, 4-stroke, liquid cooled 4-valve engine, is mainly intended for riders who are looking for a sporty, thrilling ride from a scooter. Producing 19 HP at the crank and 17 Nm of torque, the Runner ST 200 is sure to thrill sports riders on motorways and circuit roads which makes it a brilliant solution to the problems of mobility in the modern metropolitan environment, in full respect of the environment.

Colour & availability

The Runner ST200 scooter is available in Ambition Grey and in limited quantity


The intrinsic functionality and safety of the Runner can be improved even further with the rich range of accessories, which gives you the chance to add your own personal custom touch to the new Gilera supersports:

- Oversize windshield
- Electronic alarm
- Mechanical antitheft device
- Dedicated full-face helmet.
- Rear 28-litre top box

RUNNER ST 200cc – Technical Specifications


Type    Single cylinder Piaggio Leader 4-stroke, with secondary air system and catalytic converter
Displacement    198 cc.
Bore / Stroke    72/48.6 mm
Max power at crankshaft    19 HP (14 Kw) / 8,750 rpm
Max. torque     1.75 kgm (17Nm) / 7,250 rpm
Fuel    Unleaded petrol
Valve gear    Single overhead cam (S.O.H.C.), 4 valves
Ignition    Electronic capacitive discharge ignition (CDI) with variable advance
Cooling    Liquid cooled
Lubrication    Wet sump
Starting    Electric (Bendix type) with automatic decompressor and automatic choke
Gearbox    Twist-and-go CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission) with torque assistance
Clutch    Automatic dry centrifugal clutch with damping blocks


Frame    Double cradle closed in steel tubes, with cold-pressed sheet steel reinforcement
Front suspension    35 mm telescopic hydraulic fork, (wheel travel – 85 mm)
Rear suspension    Engine unit acting as single swinging arm, with two hydraulic shock absorbers
Front brake    ø 240 mm disc, with double ø 25 mm piston floating caliper
Rear brake    ø 220 mm disc, with single ø 30 mm piston caliper
Front tyre    Tubeless 120/70 - 14”
Rear tyre    Tubeless 140/60 - 13”


Length/ Width    1,840 mm/750 mm
Wheelbase     1,340 mm
Seat height     815 mm
Fuel tank capacity     8.7 litres (includes 1.7 litres reserve)
Weight    132 kg
Top speed    Approximately 120 kph
Acceleration - 30m    4.2 sec.
Homologation    Euro 3

Fun,performance & style only the Italians can make!  Visit us and see it personally!

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