dmd316 on February 19, 2007, 10:03:31 AM
@vespa, thanks brian for the info. check ko cguro pag na punta manila ulit ;)

@johos,saludo ako doc, great collection!... wala bang free viewing ang vespinoy sa collection mo??? ;D ;D ;D
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johos on February 19, 2007, 10:37:18 AM
Nice pocket watch Yey! Now if you can find a vintage pocket watch chain, that would complete the look. I use to go around with a pocket watch complete with chain  ;D My collection isnt extensive nor that expensive as it seems, as I said you dont need to buy alot, just have some interesting pieces. Lex nakatago in a safe place.  I dont have the watchboxes that constantly move your automatics, I found them expensive, pang bili ko nalang ng ibang relo  ;D.  My daily wear is just an early 70's Rado Purple Horse automatic, the days are in Spanish, got it dirt cheap, it looks like a Rolex sa biglang tingin, so even if it gets stolen I wont feel bad.  My sports watch is a Seiko Dive Watch  ;D infact I would like to buy a Suunto  ;D.  When you're riding I think its easier to read a digital watch. I just have a couple of Seamasters and Constellations and an 80's series 2k Tag at home. Once I learn how to upload, will upload some of them  ;D.   

randypogi on February 19, 2007, 10:53:35 AM
ang advice sa akin ng omega service center dapat continuos ang movement ng isang automatic watch. kasi kapag nag-stop may tendency na mag-dry yung lubrication ng movement which can affect yung precision. so it is better to put it in a watch winder however medyo mahal ang price ng isang winder. IMHO.  :) well, i guess it goes to all watches with automatic movements.
2Corinthians 5:17

lex on February 19, 2007, 09:35:34 PM
randypogi, yep yep.. you're right... automatic/manual wind watches need to run constantly to prevent the lubrication from drying...

i don't have money to buy a winder... sobrang mahal nun! i just wind my watches everyday to keep them constantly running... hehe... everyday, i see to it that i spend a few minutes winding my watches... kumbaga quality time na din with them hehehe...

so guys, if you have watches that slow down, or even stop once in a while, you may have to bring it to the service center to check the lubrication and also some other parts may need replacing...

randypogi on February 20, 2007, 01:25:07 PM
advice ng omega service center is to bring your omega watches for servicing/lubricating parts and checking the accuracy of its movement once a year and its for free! kung may parts na papalitan then may bayad na.  ::)

sir lex, nakabili ako ng winder at P14,000 pwede 4 watches ang ilagay naka sale pa yun! P25,000 daw ang actual price! whew! kahit naka sale price mahal pa rin...
2Corinthians 5:17

johos on February 20, 2007, 02:45:02 PM
Randy mura yung 14K!  The issue of auto winders is controversial.  I have the Quiapo style thingy that spins around, yung stainless na parang ferris wheel ;D I hardly use it though.  Some watch collectors who don't use autowinders claim that anything mechanical that runs forever increases the wear and tear of the piece and since what I own are early models, I tend to err on that side of the controversy.  Some collectors believe naman on what you and Lex agree upon that they should constantly be running.  I know one collector who has his collection regularly serviced kahit walang problema.  To each his own talaga. Randy what does your auto winder run on?

lex on February 20, 2007, 04:46:46 PM
14k for a winder...?  4 watches.. ok na yun ah... i think a single watch winder nasa 5-7k ata...  anyway, i still enjoy winding my watches almost everyday... so tipid tipid muna haha...  :D

Re: movement ... you have a good point there johos.. pero you have to choose between wearing out some part against drying up the lubrication... hirap no? haha... pero sa tingin ko, parang vespa din... you might as well use your vespa than keep it in your garage.  Pag hindi masyado gamit, medyo hindi maganda condition ng vespa...... sa relo, drying up the lubrication would eventually lead to greater extent of wear on some parts... so ganun din.. paandarin mo na lang...  :D

some watch companies suggest to have the watch serviced/overhauled every 5 years.  The overhaul will include changing of some worn out parts... hindi ko alam kung ano yung mga yun hehe... testing for water resistance should be done every 2 years... if used in water most of the time, yearly check for water resistance is a must... so depende sa gamit mo talaga...

omega service is superb! ... galing ng service center ng omega... i sold my bro-in-law's watch last year ata, we met there (omega service center, glorietta) and have the watch authenticated, nawala na kasi yung documentations nung relo... walang bayad yung authentication... walang reklamo, walang tanung tanong... very good!

randypogi on February 20, 2007, 05:16:18 PM
i bought the winder at lucerne and it runs on 220 volts. i bought the winder upon the advice of omega service center to keep the watch moving constantly. advice nga sa lucerne is to have the winder repaired sa kanila in case na masira. the winder has a 3 minute rotation with 1 minute rest. automatic na because some expensive winders can adjust the number of rotation per minute. the winder is already 2 years old. masakit pa rin shelling out 14k for a winder! hehehehehe  ;D
2Corinthians 5:17

nelyo on February 21, 2007, 04:08:12 PM
Good job Lex, finally you started this thread. There are two schools of thought on the use of the watch winder. In terms of maintenance issues & long term reliability, R&D teams of several prestigious watch houses believe that the weakest link of any automatic watch is the rotor winding system. A place where most wear & tear takes place. Following this line of thinking will make you conclude that putting your investment on a winder will not yield the best results. Personally, I am partial to maximizing the power reserve of my watch before I put it on my wrist or the winder. By doing this I can rotate & maximize both the use the winder & the watch. This will also alert you if the power reserve is still under full potential. The question now is, what is the most optimal, reliable, durable, accurate, easy to maintain, service & regulate & a relatively maintenance free basic movement. Of course quartz! Kidding aside, it really depends on how much you can afford to spend for a watch & the emotional attachment you have on a particular timepiece. Here’s my two cents worth of advice to my fellow Vespinoy’s who are on the hunt for the best automatic watch. Pang harabas & within reach is the Sinn 756 duochronograph with DiaPal escapement (heavily reworked Valjoux 7750). Sinn uses synthetic diamond pallets that need no lubrication over an extended period as compared to rubies. What makes it even better is that the watch case & bracelet is hardened to 1200 vickers (also available in PVD finish) which makes it almost scratchproof. It’s just like buying an Aston Martin for the price of a Japanese sedan. If money is no object, then the JLC Master Home Time (calibre 975) & JLC Master Compressor Dualmatic (calibre 972) is your best bet. Both models have in-house autotractor escapements. Autotractor escapements are virtually maintenance free because it uses Ceramic Zirconium Oxide ball bearing mechanism for the oscillating weight & the coupling lever ensures reliability of the winding mechanism without lubricant. OOOPS…tigil ko na baka san pa mapunta ang usapan. Word of advice lang…constant exposure to this bisyo can cause severe marital distress! Nyahahahaha ;D

nelyo on February 21, 2007, 04:18:47 PM
Oist...Bert! Busy lang bro. Nga pala...wala akong koleksyon, puro asam lang! :-*

shaoboy on February 21, 2007, 06:28:54 PM
wow didn;'t know so many guys are into watches here.. I'm born into a family of watch lovers, most of us are omega fanatics.. nice to read this thread.

lex on February 21, 2007, 08:43:19 PM
thanks for the sinn info nelyo... ok yun ah... no lube!

so there is greater wear and tear on automatic watches because of the rotor?  How about manual wind watches?  Are they better? Mas matibay?

1x on February 22, 2007, 01:15:15 AM
winder is already 2 years old. masakit pa rin shelling out 14k for a winder! hehehehehe  ;D

 you can always sell it to me  :)

1x on February 22, 2007, 01:46:50 AM
To wind or not to wind ----

If you keep on using your collectible (or keep it running indefinitely), mas maaga talaga malalasag.  Pero well oiled naman ang mga pyesa.  (Parang GRO ano)

If you dont use it (or keep it running), di nga malalaspag, baka matuyuan nga lang.  (Bakit ng ba mas mataas and incidence ng cervical cancer sa mga madre?)

As in a lot of things in this world, its always a compromise.  And the better compromises ay yung binagbibigyan parehong school of thought.  Thus:

- Start with a good piece para di madaling masira

- If you don't need to keep it in time (as in you don't use it often), wind it up to full once in a while, just to let the lubricants circulate (ala putting your SUVs in 4x4 mode once in while).  Wearing one collectible once a week (Sundays for me) works as well.

- If you need to keep it in time, buy a watch winder.  Set it on the least amount of windings necessay to keep it on time (after much trial and error).  If it doesnt have adjustments and runs on AC power (calling randypogi), experiment with a Timer to get the appropriate on/off sequence.

Other things you can do:

- If you can't buy a winder ask your alalay to wear it for you (ala Sharon);

- Give some of your watches to your wife (at uso naman ngayon yung women wearing mens watches) para may kahati ka nang nag aalaga.  You can always borrow them back anyway.

- If you have difficulty maintaning your pieces, pa ampon nyo nalang dito

lex on February 22, 2007, 05:54:22 AM

- Give some of your watches to your wife (at uso naman ngayon yung women wearing mens watches) para may kahati ka nang nag aalaga.  You can always borrow them back anyway.

that's a good idea... done it myself... pinasuot ko muna sa gf ko yung isa hehehe nagustuhan nya actually  :D patay!  :P