honore on April 25, 2012, 12:34:07 AM

i put a lot of stickers on the cowls of my px and i was wondering if it was feasible to put on another top coat on top of the existing top coat in order to protect the stickers i laid out? has anyone done this? can someone please pm me how much it costed so i'd have an idea on the scale of pricing.  thanks thanks.
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xninesideways on April 25, 2012, 11:25:15 AM
To do this without damaging the existing paint and sticker:

1. Identify the kind of paint initially used to top coat the scoot. Preferably using the same brand of paint and thinner;

2. Before the new top coat is applied, test this on the excess sticker you may have, so as to ensure there are no adverse reaction, such as discoloration and the like;

3. There are 2 ways to top coat: 1. Just the given area where the sticker is or 2. Top coat the entire panel;

4.Preferably the panel should be sanded (grit 1000) before the sticker is applied;

5. When the top coat is applied expect the area of the sticker to be slightly above surface, this is leveled by constantly sanding and top coating the given area until the surrounding surface is at the same level of the sticker (this is labor intensive);

6. Wet sanding (with soap) of top coat using grit 2000 preferably Mirca brand and polish;

7. Another alternative is the use of Spray Paint from the Can. You can find this at hobby shops, SM, hardware etc. When the spray can top coat is used, just simply spray the area of the sticker and not the entire panel. The spray paint is "quick fix" and this will not have a good finish.

Cost will depend on the kind of paint. Paint shops do sell by small portions a 250 ml can cover an entire cowl and a bit of thinner. Expensive paint will cost you around php 400 for the 250 ml, Mirca php 30.00 and thinner at php 300.00.

Our alternative spray can less than php 100.00.
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