direkpal on June 05, 2012, 02:45:45 PM
It doesn't matter what your religious beliefs are; the undeniable fact is that things will go wrong.
Herewith are different ways of looking at it:

TAOISM:  Sh*t happens.  (very matter-of-fact, right?)

CONFUCIANISM:  Confucius says, sh*t happens.  (sabi niya, e...)

BUDDHISM:  If sh*t happens, it isn't really sh*t.  (things aren't really what they seem daw)

ZEN:  What is the sound of sh*t happening?  (nababasag ang katahimikan)

HINDUISM:  This sh*t happened before.  (nag-reincarnate lang)

ISLAM:  If sh*t happens, it is the will of Allah.  (sige, bring on the 77 virgins nalang)

PROTESTANTISM:  Let sh*t happen to someone else.  (ipasa ba...)

CATHOLICISM:  If sh*t happens, you deserve it.  (ikaw kasi e...)

JUDAISM:  Why does this sh*t always happen to us?  (may persecution complex)

ATHEISM:  I don't believe this sh*t.  (in denial)

AGNOSTICISM:  What is this sh*t?  (ano nga ba 'to?)

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