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'THE WHEEL' - the story of the Legendary 'Twisted Wheel Club' in Manchester, England.

The Asian Premiere (and only screening in this part of the World) will be screened at THE ROADHOUSE, Manila Bay, Pasay City, on Sunday 14th April @ 4pm. Doors open at 3.30pm. Tel: 8367382
I have been given the opportunity to screen an exclusive DVD here in The Philippines - the only screening in Asia. It is a unique DVD (listed as an Heritage Educational Film and will never be on sale to the public) and charts, in docu-film style, the birth of Northern Soul at THE TWISTED WHEEL CLUB (Manchester, UK) from 1963 - 1971. The film will not be put out on general release, anywhere in the world and 'THE WHEEL' is the story of the legendary club in Manchester. A place that changed the face of Soul Music in the UK forever and it spread the underground cult of Northern Soul across the World.

The DVD took nearly three years to complete and previews in the UK have been received with great critical acclaim. If you would like to get a party together, or come on your own, the screening will take place, at The Roadhouse, Manila Bay (next to Starbucks) on Sunday, April 14th @ 4pm - doors open at 3.30pm - you would be witnessing an historic event. This is a real coup for us here in Asia.
Press Release: 'THE WHEEL' ,a docu-film, is about a small backstreet Soul Club in Manchester that started a phenomenon which spread right around the world. This is the story about how the Northern Soul Scene started and how it evolved. It will tell you how it influenced generations of youngsters lives, those of musicians, DJs, promoters and you the dancers and record-buying public. 'Soulmods' who, even after 50 years, still hold the music close to their hearts. The film will take many back to their youth, or simply introduce others to the magic world of Northern Soul. It will astound you, fill your heart with joy and have you tapping your feet as you watch or, maybe, have you dancing in your seats :)

I hope to see you there on April 14th. Please be early as the screening will start at 4pm prompt. If you require any further information you can message me (inbox) at my FB page – John Michael Flanagan (Ben Murphy).

John M Flanagan (Ben Murphy)

‘THE WHEEL’ is a TWRF4 Production.
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