Jordan5 on August 08, 2006, 12:49:47 AM
For you out there who wants to own a vintage vespa or lambretta:


If you're buying a scooter and don't know much about them, it's wise to get the advice of a more experienced friend when making your decision...Is the frame crooked or rusty? Has a thick layer of Bondo been painted-over? If it's a rare old model, are key parts (shroud, cowls, speedo) missing? Or is it a "Frankenstein" that has been built from salvage? If so, think twice - so you don't have to run into big problems  8)


A. With flashy new paint job and lots of chrome accessories. These are almost always mechanically-unsound.
B. Front tires more than an inch off the ground when the bike is on its centerstand indicate incorrect parts and a probable bodge job.
C.Tire sizes that are not standadrd (especially 8" to 10" conversions). Most of these are not bolt-on affairs and require cutting and welding of the fork, which can create handling problems. This conversion can make the bike look like it is "on stilts" and generally out of proportion.

happy hunting of your vintage scoot!

jordan5 a.k.a The Ambassador