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A thing about Thailand……

Thanks to Jove for the plug.

I am not at all surprised at the way Thailand has reacted to these 2005 SEA Games, not one bit. You see in all of the competitions I have attended, seen, participated and heard stories about. Most of the horrific ones have come from Thailand. You hear reports of people shouting while you are concentrating on the approach and sometimes at the moment of release. You hear tales of lanes suddenly having “techincal difficulties”, mysteriously dropping pins, lost equipment and the like. This is not to say that we are innocent of such actions. Nosiree!! Back in 1991 I was part of the official Philippine Heckling Team of the Tenpin Bowling competition held in Green Valley Country Club. In hindsight though, we reacted less to the other teams than the way we did when Thailand was involves, Indonesia came a far second in the heckling category.

This kind of thing is part and parcel of the fabric of this regional competition, this is what makes it unique, it’s like a glorified “Liga ng Barangay”. The heckling will go on, the accusations will continue and we will all go our merry way to Thailand in 2007 where, I guess, the Philippines will file a protest (probably by still Prez Gloria, wag naman, or PM Tabacco), because we still haven’t won a gold in a week of competition. Ganyan lang talaga, kaya to the Thai PM, relak bata ka lang, give our athletes the benefit of the doubt, malay mo we just trained harder than you did because you took us for granted, if that is the case, BEH BUTI NGA! BOW!

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