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Father’s Day

Happy Father\'s Day!

Received this note this morning from my son Dino. It was neatly tucked underneath a tray of a breakfast of Hotdogs and Eggs he had made for me and Des. How this to make you forget about bronchitis (yup I’ve been battling with it since early this week). Thanks Dino and Marco, Daddy loves you very much!!

Happy Father’s Day to all!! Happy Father’s Day Dad!!!! I know you’re eating lechon right now!

4 Responses to “Father’s Day”

  1. John Rana says:

    I love you too, papa Bimbo! hahahaha!

    Pagaling ka, pare. Happy Father’s Day ulit. 🙂

  2. Bimbo says:

    Thanks John,
    Happy Father’s Day to you too!!

  3. scootzilla says:

    happy father’s day to us!!!
    get well soon Boss!

  4. Jojo Hosaka says:

    Get well chief! Been nursing also a case of bronchitis myself since Monday. Felt alot better today after deciding to use the nebulizer yesterday, took the scoot to my Malate clinic, now I’m coughing again. Arggggh! Freakin pollution!

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