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Motorcycles can now use Expressways

Before we start dancing on the streets, this is still limited to bikes 400cc and up, which still basically excludes the majority of the riding population.

From GMA News TV

Motorcycles with engine displacement of at least 400 cubic centimeters (CC) can now use expressways but owners must strictly comply with toll way rules and regulation, the Department of Transportation and Communications (DOTC) said Friday.

In the latest department order signed by DOTC Secretary Leandro Mendoza, dated October 4, 2007, 400 cc motorcycles will be allowed access in all expressways but they must comply with all the provision stated in Republic Act 4136 known as the Land Transportation and Traffic Code of the Philippines.

The order will replace the March 23, 2007 order of the DOTC No 2007-15 that declared all expressways as Limited Access Facilities and restricts all types of motorcycle from entering toll ways.

Based on the new order, motorcycles drivers should religiously observe roadworthiness, safety standards issued by competent authorities and licensing requirements.

Motorcycles must follow speed limits prescribed by law and toll way operators, must not lane-split and overtake in between lanes and must not use lanes normally used by other vehicles in accordance with safe motoring and practice.

The department order added that motorcycles must also travel with their headlights on at all times to improve and enhance their visibility to other toll way users and must ensure that their tail lights and turn-signal lights are working at all times.

Motorcycle owners, at the same time, will be allowed only one back rider and must each use protective gears particularly helmets.

They will also not be allowed to load extra cargo except for normally accepted saddlebags and for luggage carriers specifically designed for motorcycles.

Motorcycle users shall also pay a toll rate prescribed by a current class I vehicles and encouraged to use electronic toll collection equipment (E-pass or EC-Tag).

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