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My First Blogger EB….of sorts

Finally got to meet some of the faces behind the blogs last Saturday.
I joined Jayvee’s Blogger Dinner, albeit really really late.

My wife and I decided to turn it into some sort of date, since for the first time in a long while, we really had nothing scheduled for a Saturday night. Well my wife, being the lovely lady she is, bless her, took all of the early evening prepping and we ended up arriving in Metrowalk near 10:00 PM. I was resigned to the fact that the EB was over. I called Abe, because he was the only guy I knew there, and surprise surprise they were heading back to Metrowalk to meet me….aw shucks….

Anyway I met Jayvee and Markku, who were both happily clicking away on their digital cameras. Abe and I had some business to discuss about our project. I would have been more than happy to join in their feast of halo halo and other dairy delectables, but I was too busy getting myself hammered with San Miguel Cerveza Negra hehe.

Anyway, after a few minutes, I had to go back to my wife who was, by then, looking for a new date, and get hammered some more.

I hope we can do this again guys, and I promise to come earlier!!

Markku has some photos of the meet up here.
Nice shots man, pa Photoshop naman ang mga wreeeeenkles ko haha.

One Response to “My First Blogger EB….of sorts”

  1. markku says:

    Wala naman masyadong wrinkles ah! 😉 Hehehe. Sige next time ulit! 🙂

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