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Are scooters a dying breed in the city?

With the influx of cheap Underbones, scooters are now scarcely seen. I would be surprised to see 2 or 3 scooters on my way to work when, in the past, there would be a lot of them on the road.

I really can’t blame them. Aside from the fact that Underbones are cheaper than scooters, they are a lot more fuel efficient than their twist-and-go cousins. Also, there have been very few new Scooter models introduced recently. I think even the manufacturers have given more emphasis to selling the underbone than our beloved scooters.

So now, we travel a lonely road, my Vespa and I.
Time to get an underbone?

One Response to “Outnumbered”

  1. kroblanx says:

    Ikaw rin. Pagselosan ka ni Tisoy nyan!

    But seriously, I do hope that some of our underboning bros don’t forget the helmet and just leave the slippers and shorts at home. I know that there are a lot more responsible underboners out there, but the bad eggs among you are really spoiling your scene, you know what I mean?

    I’m sure you’ll all agree that we’ve seen enough accidents and attended too many funerals. RIDE SAFE.

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