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Php 50 Million Circus

I caught this on Yuga’s blog.
The 50 Million Peso Website Design

As Abe so eloquently asked the question..

Php50 M is a lot! What are they planning to put up there? A circus?

This definitely smells of something really really fishy. Heck they can just pay me 1% of that and I’d stick them with a site choc full o Frames, iFrames, Pop-ups and animated gifs! I’ll even throw in a dancing baby gif.

Hay naku, here we go again.

One Response to “Php 50 Million Circus”

  1. kitty says:

    hey bim, nanggugulo lang, hehe, nice blog, turuan mo naman ako, para maging ganto kaganda blog ko, won’t pay you 50 mil, though! hahaha!! naku, magiging computerized na customs! patay na! hahaha!! sha sha, congrats for doing such a fine work, hanep talga.. 😉

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