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Vespinoy is PBA ’07 Finalist

Philippine Blog AwardsThis got me tickled pink! Vespinoy has made it to the short list of finalists in the Philippine Blog Awards 2007. We fall under the Sports and Recreation category, they probably got it right since I wouldn’t know where to place my own blog.

We are joined by the following blogs.

Sports & Recreation:

Hey John, andito ka din! W00t! Awarding will be on March 31, unfortunately my family and I will be out of town then so I won’t be able to attend this. So John, you can accept the award for me ahihihihi. Seriously though, I never imagined that Vespinoy would be good enough for nomination, and here we are vying for the top prize in our category.

An interesting sidenote to this is among the finalists for the category are 2 Vespa related blogs..interesting. Could it mean a renaissance of the scooter scene, now that’s got me excited!

The other finalists are:





Home & Living:


News & Media:

Business & Entrepreneur:

Fashion & Lifestyle:

Photo Blog:


7 Responses to “Vespinoy is PBA ’07 Finalist”

  1. jhay says:

    Congratulations on being one of the finalists! I’m helping to promote the awards further by conducting an e-mail interview of the finalists. If you’re interested, please contact me via the details of this comment.

    Thank you and keep up the good work!

  2. Jun M. says:


    Congratulations for being a finalist for the Philippine Blog Awards 2007 under the Sports & Recreation.

    I’m Moslemen “Jun” Macarambon Jr. part of the organizing team and committee for the Awards Night.

    I’m making the rounds to gather the contact info and establish direct communication with the finalists. This will give us an avenue to give instructions and other details.

    May we ask for the following please?

    Real Name:
    Email address:
    Mobile Number:
    City and Country where you are based:

    Once this is settled, we’ll know where to communicate the Awards Night details with.

    We hope to hear from you soon. All the best to you and your blog.

    Email me the details here jun [at] wyzemoro [dot] com

  3. Marcvill says:

    For Sports & Recreation, I think it will be a battle between Vespinoy and MyVespa. But Vespinoy has the advantage of being a veteran blog! hehe.. Goodluck! May the best vespa blog win!!!

  4. Kiven says:

    Congrats bro!!!!!!!!

  5. jun says:

    Hey Bimbo, Congrats.. still remember me?

    pa email na lang kay Jun M yung details na hinihingi nya, cc philippineblogawards at gmail dot com

  6. John Rana says:

    Bad trip, I was imagining pa naman our scoots side-by-side outside the awards show venue.

    Sige, I’ll accept the award for you basta I get to keep it for at least a week. Ibibida ko lang sa mga kakilala ko na ako kunyari ang nanalo! hahaha!

  7. You were a finalist. May I invite you to my feature story on the Blog Awards? Names and URLs included; with this, now you have mine.

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