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Who’s afraid of Da Vinci?

What’s the fuss over the Da Vinci code anyway?
Why are the “conservatives” jumping on the bandwagon to ban the film?
Whew….talk about trigger happy.

I have read the book, as well as the uber boring The Holy Blood and The Holy Grail and I have not felt my faith shaken. Should I be now cowering in fear over God’s righteous vengeance? Should I now fear that lightning should strike me blind on the way to Makati, much like the way Saul was?

It’s fiction….F-I-C-T-I-O-N….fiction.

And even if it weren’t it wouldn’t shake my faith. Now bring it on, I wouldn’t want to waste the good money I spent on my Mickey Mouse watch!!

One Response to “Who’s afraid of Da Vinci?”

  1. francis says:

    I wanna have a mickey mouse watch too. inggit ako… 2 more days, will da vinci code show up?

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