Ride. Rest. Repeat.

Why I ride my Vespa

Buendia Traffic

This morning I went to work in my car. This wouldn’t have been too much of a big thing except that this was the first time in 3 years that I was going to go my office, in Makati of all places, in my car. My son had sort of cornered me into bringing him with me to the office that morning. Riding with my son is a no brainer, he enjoys riding my Vespa and we’ve gone around the city together so much that there were no second thoughts about us riding the Vespa to work. Unfortunately there was the little matter called Marco, my youngest son. The true family man that I am ;), I had to make arrangements which would include Marco coming with us. That blew the riding to work decision out of the water, I am brave, and I consider myself somewhat of a skilled rider but I am in no way stupid.

I digress. Anyway, as fate would have it, we finally left the house in my car. I was actually dreading the traffic which I encounter everyday from C5 to The Fort to Buendia all the way to the Pacific Star Building. The trip started out innocently enough, no traffic to my surprise along Pasig Blvd. connecting to C5. C5 was shockingly light all the way to the Kalyaan intersection. The Fort is ok, except for those crazily configured traffic lights (that’s another story for another day). But Buendia came along and that’s where I stayed for the next 30 minutes. 30 minutes sitting in your car waiting to move another inch. 30 minutes, on my Vespa can get me to Malate from Pasig and back. 30 minutes is my travel time to the office, including the time I take a bath, dress up and brush my teeth. It crazy really.

Aaaah, its’ suddenly become Motorcycle appreciation day for me today.
A real reminder of why we use our motorbikes to go to work everyday.

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