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Wowowee Stampede (Updated)

Just woke up to find out that there are approximately 63 people dead because of a stampede at ULTRA here in Pasig. Last night as we passed that area there was a huge traffic jam caused by a mass of people waiting to enter ULTRA for the anniversary of Wowowee (a local TV noon time show). Some of them were waiting in line as early as Monday morning.

Something’s just not right here. Tell me why I feel sick in my stomach?


Stampede Screencap

It was a truly morbid sight I saw on my television. People waving to the camera and smiling, laughing while the dead were still lying on the street. A really sad, disturbing sight.

It’s said that the stampede started when the gate that leads towards the ULTRA Field was opened slightly. As the people saw the gate move the wave of people rushed forward, thinking it was about to open. According to reports from ANC, as people started rushing forward they could already tell they were stepping on people who had fallen from the rush….

1:22 pm
Confirmed dead 79, injured 201.

I hope my eyes were playing tricks on me, but did I just see Joey de Leon make a cut throat gesture before doing the “wowowee” gesture? This was done just as the Eat Bulaga was about to go to commercial. If so, it was utterly tasteless, well what can you expect from Joey de Leon anyway, that man deserves to be………hmmmmmmm..never mind

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  1. talakitok says:

    You should wear glasses or binoculars. Or better yet pluck-out your eyes.

  2. Bimbo says:



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