Ride. Rest. Repeat.


Vespinoy: Amore!Vespinoy: Amore!

6 Responses to “Amore!”

  1. DewBerrY says:

    ang ganda!. ang ganda ng sulat ko!

  2. ScarleT says:

    HARANG!!! kulang ang litrato….

    Kala mo lang di kami sikat! Sige, post mo picture namin, dami magco comment hahahaha

  3. shaoboy says:

    san yan, kailan yan..

  4. Bimbo says:

    it was during a good hearty dinner with old friends in D’Marks…

  5. jordan5 says:

    who the hell are those guys? haha =P bimbo told me about them already… keep it up! nice to have you guys on board… scooterific vespinoy!

  6. Edmund Umali says:

    Snatched a pic at your blog to my blog Bimbs. Hope you dont mind. Nice story!!!

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