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BlogCon Reports

Go Blog Hopping about the 1st BlogCon here.

Bloggers who wrote about this event

  • Abe Olandres on “Blogcon aftermath”
  • J. Angelo Racoma on “Back Home from the Philippine BlogCon 2006″
  • Gail Villanueva on “The first Philippine BlogCon”
  • Annalyn Jusay on Seen and heard in the 1st Philippine BlogCon
  • Chris Lagman on Pinoy Bloggers Face-to-Face
  • Sonnie on BlogCon 2006– Field Report
  • Kiven at Blogcon 2006
  • Penoi on 1st Philippine Blogcon 2006
  • Ka Edong on Philippine Blogcon 2006
  • Juned on 1st Philippine BlogCon and 1 Internet Day
  • Kukote in a Jar on 1st philippine blogcon
  • Mike Abundo on PICS Book Launch and BlogCon
  • 1st Philippine BlogCon (Jun)
  • Philippine BlogCon 2006 (ka edong)
  • Janep @ Blogcon (janep.org)
  • Blog Con 2006: Shoulda’ Woulda’ Coulda’s (Me and my Delusions of Grandeur)
  • To the Blogcon (Morofilm)
  • What Happened at BlogCon 2006? (Fool for Five)
  • The Flash Drive that Blogging Won (vaes9)
  • Teh BlogCon is the Shizzle! (The Parody)
  • (copy pasted from Noemi’s site and the BlogCon Wiki) 😀

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    1. markku says:

      Sarap ng libreng beer! Next time ulit. 🙂


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