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Was channel surfing and saw Richard Gomez as the bad guy in Captain Barbell, was he wearing art paper for a mustache and the hair of one old Troll doll as a beard?

C’mon with the costume touted to have cost Php 1M for Captain Barbell himself, they could have spent around 500.00 in Shoemart for that!

4 Responses to “WTF??!!”

  1. John Rana says:

    As they say, ‘channel surfing’ is the perfect excuse if you don’t want others to know you’re actually watching the show. hahaha!

    Any feedback on ‘Bakekang?’

    Brio lang, chief! 😉

  2. Bimbo says:

    hahahaa John, you got me there. hehe.
    Actually I was in the middle of watching BBC News and other intellectual programs hehe

  3. mark says:

    aside from the funny costume, he also speaks in a funny voice. What’s up with that? I thought all these things are hilarious till I heard the news…He’s running for senator! bwahaha!

  4. Bimbo says:

    mark, thanks for dropping by…
    yup nothings more funnier than a guy in a cape with art paper on his face running for Senator.

    That’s our country an tragic comedy….hay buhay

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