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MP3 on the Track

I finally had the chance to take the MP3 on the track at the Carmona Racing Circuit for Euroscoot’s Annual Trackday.

The experience was one of a kind. Make no mistake about it, I was and will never be fast on the race track. Images of broken plastic and bruised flesh just prevent me from attacking any part of the course with some semblance of speed. Riding a 400cc machine on this track is not really fun. The tight corners of the track meant scraping my muffler cover and center stand with frightening regularity. A more experienced rider on an MP3 250cc who was blazing the track told me to use my body more and hang out to maximize the bikes already substantial lean angle. But alas, being the non racer that I am, I could only cope up with a half a butt cheek off the seat causing another scrape from underneath the machine.

That was enough of that. I decided to cruise my way the whole day and save myself from aggravation. I ended the day dead last on all heats for the automatics but happy to have had the experience nonetheless.

Will I do it again? Yes! Will I do it faster? Nope, I quite enjoy my pace. Darn I’m getting old.

One Response to “MP3 on the Track”

  1. clutch says:

    wow….nice scooter…sarap naman ng MP3 na yan…

    ang nakitaan ko lang nyan is kay steve of scooter in the stick. sana makita ko din in person yan mp3 na yan ang have a picture taken.

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