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Piaggio MP3 Hybrid 300?

Piaggio USA President/CEO, Paolo Timoni, hinted at a new and improved version of they yet unreleased (at least in the USA) Piaggio MP3 Hybrid. The much awaited gas/electric vehicle has been currently offered only in the 125cc model might just be receiving an upgrade to the 300cc engine which is currently being used in both the Vespa GT Super 300 and the Piaggio MP3 300.

Here is the excerpt from the interview.

The cost of the now-300cc vehicle was not disclosed, and it will get about 100 mpg, compared to about 65 mpg from a 250cc gas-only MP3. It is expected to be a “niche” product because it will cost more having both an electric and gasoline powerplant. But, said Timoni, “It will kick the ass of the Prius!”

Another thing to look forward to. It might just cost and arm and a leg as well as an organ or two but, heck, green is in.

Timoni speaks about a lot of other interesting in his interview. From the status of Piaggio worldwide as well as the state of the Motorcycling industry in the USA. Check out the interview here.

2 Responses to “Piaggio MP3 Hybrid 300?”

  1. dan ang says:

    Hi, just want to inquire regarding the price of piaggio mp3 that is not mdified and the hybrid.Are they available in the philippine market now. thank you

  2. imran shaukat says:

    pakistan price what

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