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A sick feeling in my stomach

Let it be stated that today, June 11, 2005, 3:17 AM. the proverbial Shit has hit the fan. The “Arroyo Gate” scandal has polarized the country, once again. But then again, there is something different about this. This is clear evidence (if it’s ever proven authentic) of the massive fraud that haunted the last elections and surely existed in all elections before then.. But as the rule of the street say….”Wag ka magpapahuli”. For whatever reasong these people came out with these tapes/cd’s, the fact remains, it did a heck of a lot of damage.

Listening to the tapes, the first ones that came out,. piqued my curiosity about what the heck was going on. But the longer tape I have listened to, the one that came from the PCIJ website, just made me sick to the stomach. How, on God’s green earth, could they dispute that the conversations were about vote fixing. There was even a mention of a certain failed “senator” that the people were asking too much, the other person asked, and he said “5 Million”, and to my utter surprise and horror, this senatoriable stated, “Basta naman reasonable, pwede naman dagdagan” or something to that effect.

I am not naive, I know for a fact that Philippine politics is rife with bribes of exorbitant amounts of money, for some reason or another. But as any true Pinoy would know, we bust our chops off earning an honest living and still don’t have enough money event to pay for our children’s education plus the spiralling cost of day to day living. It does not escape me how these people seem to be so callous to the fact that the money they are lining their money with is take from you and me…….money we could have used…for our childrens education, for our house’s utilities, for stocking up our refs for the next few days. This has made me really really really angry.

My heart bleeds for our country, I feel a sick, sinking feeling in my stomach while all of this is unfolding. Why………why………
My heart bleeds for my motherland, the only one I will recognize, the only one I will serve, the only one I will be willing to give my life for.

Words cannot describe how bad I feel now. Well maybe my country will understand me, she’s the only one I have.

Mabuhay ang Pilipinas, Mabuhay tayong tunay na Pilipino

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