Ride. Rest. Repeat.

Hope from the youth

Read Randy David’s article today on INQ7.NET.
It paints a hopeful future of our country riding on the shoulders of the youth….

Here is an excerpt.

But I am confident Ms Arroyo will not get away so easily. The images on television are telling a different story. It is a story of contrasts: the jaded Jose de Venecia, on the side of old politics, and the refreshing Francis Escudero on the side of the new. It is a story of the complacent knowingness of Prospero Nograles and Edcel Lagman pitted against the energetic wit of Alan Peter Cayetano and Gilbert Remulla. There is youth, idealism and hope on the side of those who want Ms Arroyo out. There is only weariness, cynicism and cultural fatalism on the side of those who want her to continue.

Read the whole article here.

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