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Invitation beyond reason

I heard over the radio this morning that PGMA had invited the bishops who are attending the CBCP annual plenary meeting to dinner in a private restaurant in Intramuros. I didn’t want to believe it at first so I had to check the INQ7 website for confirmation, and confirmation was what I got.

On Monday, at the start of the weeklong CBCP retreat and plenary assembly, a group of bishops was said to have been invited to a restaurant in Intramuros by the President, the source said.

Unfathomable really. It is quite obvious that the CBCP has been slowly but surely becoming increasingly critical of the Arroyo administration. The Bishops are expected to come out with a pastoral letter later today which is widely believed to be along the same critical lines.

Reading from this report on Inq7, it seems that one of the topics of conversation in the CBCP Plenary is how to handle “gifts” from Malacañan. I trust the Bishops, with divine guidance (the real one ha, not the one invoked by you know who), will do what is best for their congregation.

I don’t understand why the Government is so against the Church taking a political stand…..ah wait, because the stand is against them, they only say it’s ok if they take a stand for them, sorry I forgot about that.

Couldn’t let this go….Maite Defensor (yup, Mike’s sister) is named as President of PNCC….and they have the audacity to say that Mike didn’t have anything to do with it? HAY NAKU!! To be in power talaga, as the song goes….”you go to my head…………”. Unf#$%@^@$ believable!!!!

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