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Nightmare on C5

Have you tried the MC Lane on C5? Ridiculous! Rode it yesterday from the Service Road to Bagong Ilog. Crazy. Trees, posts, potholes, parked cars, stopped PUVs, Taxi’s, Pedicabs, Sand, Rocks and these are just the stationary obstacles and need I mention the elevated manhole covers right near the entrance from the service road. Then after all is said and done, you’re not allowed on the Bagong Ilog flyover? You have to pass through the extremely narrow service road to go to Quezon City? Utterly stupid. Chairman, lika angkas ka sa akin. See how you like it.

One Response to “Nightmare on C5”

  1. rem says:

    talaga? bawal dumaan sa bagong ilog fly over? wtf?!

    i just my vespie yesterday from romy. now familiarizing myself again with her after not riding for 4 years 🙂


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