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This government is really pathetic.
Imagine looking into filing charges against the students who heckled the president during the Cavite State University graduation? Talk about strong arm tactics to supress those kids.
Hay naku talaga, ibang klase. They can get so petty sometimes it’s unbelievable, honestly they’re acting like kids in a playground. BWISIT!

One Response to “Pathetic”

  1. bong says:

    Sorry to say but i think she deserves that… sayang journ pa naman.. what happened to the pen is mightier than the sword..? How sure is she that the one she heckled is the source of all problems of PI? Sad to say, pinoys are being too judgemental… suspect pa nga lang, guilty na.

    Gamitan lang yan, mag bayad muna sila ng tax…hehe

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