Ride. Rest. Repeat.

She’s outdone herself

It’s really unbelievable that, up to this date, Mrs. Arroyo still surprises me with her actions.

The opposition should really just sit back and watch Mrs. Arroyo’s regime disintegrate from the middle. This is the best offense that the Oust Arroyo forces have ever launched, namely nothing. This administration has the propensity to shoot itself in the foot because of the most mundane things. First the Bunye “Revelation” of the 2 CD’s (whatever happened to Bong Ruado?) which sparked this whole thing. Then Garci does a Copperfield and dissapears off the face of the earth. While the whole nation cries bloody murder to this administration for letting that happen, they happily whistle away in one corner unaware of the paper trail such things leave, which was eventually discovered. Then there’s this “Hand of reconciliation” to “Kamay na bakal” turn-around jump shot that would make Larry Bird green with envy. And of course this latest episode in this “teleserye ng, pardon to PBB, lintek na buhay” E.O. 464 (kudos to PCIJ for the link).

Hay naku, this is the most blatant abuse of power I have ever seen since Brutus and Popeye.
Ibang klase talaga. What’s really interesting now is that the military stands front and center in this affair. Let’s see how this pans out. Mrs. Arroyo is dangerous when wounded, but let her not forget, so are we.

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