Ride. Rest. Repeat.


After all the hype about the Ong tapes last weekend, having heard the whole thing, I must admit I was a bit dissapointed at the reaction of the people. Maybe I was hoping for too much, maybe that “people power” fatigue has really set in. But I get the feeling something’s going to happen still, it may come soon or it may come years from now. The tapes, which I am convinced am true, are damning evidence of massive election fraud in last May’s nationwide exercise. As I so emphatically expressed last night in our family’s weekly meeting-de-avance…”mitsa ng rebolusyon ito” (this can spark a revolution), and I honestly believe it is.

I feel the only reason that there has been a lack of popular support is the lack of exposure these “conversations” have had to the ordinary people. Not everyone has access to the internet where these tapes are readily available (they can be found here). It’s a big sham/e…..really. The Filipino people have the right to decide for themselves wether these tapes are true or not.

As far as I’m concerned, I lost respect of GMA a long time ago (at the time of the Oakwood mutiny, during a ceremony of the Philippine Scout Rangers, she was recorded on TV saying, “Tandaan ninyo kung sino ang nagpapasweldo sa inyo”….or something very close to that, that almost made me puke in disgust right there and then), so this episode in here “regime” is a blinding flash of the obvious that she has an unsatiable and dangerous hunger for power. Her cronies deny it but her actions expose it.

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