Ride. Rest. Repeat.

SONAw what?

Watched the President’s State of the Nation Address (SONA) in front of a highly partisan crowd in congress today. Did my best to be objective and listen to what she had in store for us.

I have to admit it was a pretty darned good speech, short and sweet. It was more like a pep talk a dad would give to his children, telling them they’re going to the ice cream parlor if they cleaned their rooms. It had that kind of feel. The message was loud and clear, “I am staying put, thank you El Tabako!”.

I have to say that JDV was a bit over enthusiastic with his clapping, a bit too much for public consumption. I was half expecting him to stand on the table and stick his tongue out to Senate President Franklin Drilon, who on the other hand, tried to keep calm and impartial amidst the circus of the SONA.

Much ado about nothing. Federalism has always been on the table and I, for one, have always believed that that is the way to deal with spreading the proverbial wealth. It is not a novel idea from this administration. The shift to parliamentary through CON-ASS sucks big time. I can just imagine the current personalities being magically transformed into Constitutional Bigwigs……..God save us all.

hay naku……I hope the impeachment case doesn’t get buried underneath all the pomp and pageantry we saw today…..as the saying goes, “The mountains moved and brought forth a mouse”…..i hope its’ name is Ikabod.

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