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Stupid 79

Pardon me while I vent.
I am watching Atty. Howard Calleja explain the Pro-impeachment’s final option of the final 79 or the Super 79 as he calls it. He made mention of a statement by Rep. Edmund Reyes during his manifestation in today’s Justice Committee circus about them having 73 signatories and how a lot more was waiting in the wings once the magic 79 was reached.

Atty. Calleja made a point of the game of numbers being played in the House. Not just the majority’s obvious power play nor the opposition’s lack of numbers and bumbling of the case. He made a point of the game played by the “undecided” the fence sitters, those who are waiting for the number 79 to be breached before affixing their signatures to the ammended Lozano (doesn’t he freakishly look a lot like the latter day Marcos?) complaint. These so-called “honorable” people deserve non of my respect. These are the leeches, the opportunists, the “seguristas”. I would rather give my respect to everyone’s favorite whipping boy Mike D., at least my friend has the balls to stick with GMA (tatagal kaya 😉 ) than to give it to these “honorable men”.

Why not make a stand, be it pro or anti, be it for or against, be it left, right or center, MAKE A GOD DARNED STAND!!

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  1. Mimi George says:

    Pour capter le consommateur mutuelle.

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