Ride. Rest. Repeat.

Unbelievably Arrogant!

His show shouldn’t have been shown at all. He should have given way to the coverage of the funeral cortege of President Aquino.

What a dork!

5 Responses to “Unbelievably Arrogant!”

  1. joneighbors says:

    dapat mawala na sa ere tong show nato. ma ere ang host.

  2. scootzilla says:

    Sobrang yabang na naapektohan na pati utak nya, the show can stay but this guy should be thrown at dapitan. Muka mo Willie!!!

  3. mines_a_porsche says:

    who the [email protected] is he to tell that?! not just arrogant but irritating as well..never liked this [email protected] and never will!

  4. Wawel Mercado says:

    By being a prick, Willy is just living up to his name.

  5. swag says:

    Not a big fun but this is democratic country. If he want to practise his right so let him be….

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