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Vespa USA uses Pinoy pics

I got a pleasant surprise this morning as I checked my email. I received a Facebook notification from fellow Vespinoy and Euroscoot member Papa Dom Ochoa. This was regarding her sister-in-law’s, Cristine Quezon, photos being chosen by Vespa USA to be part of their website. Here is the text of the notfication..

Vespa USA emailed my sister in law (older sis of Den) if they can use her pictures for their site. Galeng!!! Check this out

From Cristine’s blog….

Vespa USA has emailed me about their interest in using my photos for their website. of course, i said yes! in exchange, i am getting a set of limited edition vespa shirts for the whole fam. i am super stoked to be getting my share of the 1,500 pcs. produced worldwide. isn’t it rad?

Vespa USA Website 4-10

Find out which photos are Cristine’s by visiting her blog here.

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