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2-Up Saturday Fun

For as far back as I can remember, I have always been riding solo.  The last time I was on a ride (of significant distance) with Des was during a short trip to Tagaytay during the early 2000’s.  My scooter than was my old reliable smoke belching 2-stroke Piaggio Hexagon 150cc.  Then the years passed without her riding with me on any ride, till yesterday.

It all started innocently enough when I saw a post on Facebook by VCOP President Uriel Protomartir, about a ride to the regular rider mecca in the city, Marilaque (Marikina-Rizal-Laguna-Quezon to the uninitiated or officially known as the Marikina-Infanta Highway).  I’ve only ridden that area a couple of times and really wanted to ride it again.  Being short and near the city I asked Des if she wanted to join me on the ride.  To my pleasant surprise she said yes right away so I confirmed our participation right away before she could change her mind.  Not even a mild thunderstorm before we left made her lose any interest in the ride.

After a few reminders about what to bring and what to wear we were finally off..  As expected, we were stuck in normal Saturday traffic along C-5 and Marcos Highway on our way to the Shell gas station along the said Highway, which was to be our meeting spot.  Arriving just in time to find out that the ride was cancelled (because of the strong rain earlier), then un-cancelled (because they really had nothing better else to do), we were off.  Riding with Des on the MP3 was really fun.  First of all, I really have to give credit to the scooter.  The bike really does work as advertised, even 2-up.  Stability, safety and all the stuff they say you get with the bike, you really do.  We were practically having a conversation all the way up to the twisties of Rizal.  I was acting like a pseudo tour guide, pointing out things that you might never see if you travel this route by car.  We had fun during cornering as I did exaggerated body leans just to show her how stable the scoot was.  Eventually I found my line straightening out during the tight turns because, apparently, she was a bit nervous already and was countering my weight shifts, so we reverted back to plain old touring.

We eventually reached to small eatery (near Pranjetto Hills) before dusk, spent a few minutes there and started the trip down as the sun was setting.  We did the ride home in the dark, singing duets all the way down the mountain.

I am glad to see and hear that she had so much fun and I hope we can do it again.  Imagine a beautiful day of riding, a great performing scoot, and your best-est friend in the universe riding with you…..good times indeed.

17 Responses to “2-Up Saturday Fun”

  1. aw…touched naman ako beeemmm….thank you!

  2. Yeyey Yatco says:

    Next time tayong dalawa naman.

  3. kennonballer says:

    bimbs, the part where you sang duets on the way back put me on the verge of tearing up. i haven’t ever been on a longish ride with my late wife, marje, but we shared many short hops within baguio.

    those jaunts are now but memories starting to fade but i won’t forget the time she consented to me buying my first vespa, a beat-up PX. she agreed to do so again two years later when i got an even more road-weary PX that i eventually sold for a tidy sum that went to fund several of her chemo sessions.

    i remember her taking a great kick out of the short rides to our shop as it gave her an opportunity to wear her equestrienne helmet. i really miss very much the times she held on tight to me on those fancy leans i did to make evident to her my inner rossi.

    des and bimbs, you lucky couple, share more years of 2-up fun. marje, thanks for the memories, i will cherish them forever.

  4. Bimbo says:

    Thad, thanks for the comment. I was shocked when I found out the news about what happened to your wife. I admire your strength during those tough times and I admire her courage facing such a challenge.

    Never let those memories fade away. Each time you ride your scoot she will be there with you, for sure. Maybe as a memory to pass the time or a soft whisper to remind you to be careful, but however she does it, she will be there.

    I never forget how lucky I am to have someone to share these experiences with, as did you with Marje, but rest assured, as she is, we will always be here for you also.

  5. Bimbo Isidro says:

    kelan, kuha na!

  6. Yeyey Yatco says:

    Angkas na lang ako sa iyo.

  7. Abet Rana says:

    ano duet nyo? may blending? hehe

  8. next time, try nyo naman kasama si marco at si dino. haha

  9. barnard garcia says:

    it’s really fun riding +1… may taga kurot pag sobrang bilis mo na sa curves. hehehe

  10. Read ur portal , galing mo naman mag-sulat. I can see how you and Des are meant to be… one!

  11. Bimbo Isidro says:

    Thaddeus Pe Benito thanks for the comment!

  12. Don Vitto says:

    Haaaaaay! Parang scene sa pelikula! Nakaka-inggit!!! c”,)

  13. Uriel Protomartir says:

    Glad that Des enjoyed the ride.. Buti na lang she didn’t thought of giving you a hoodie jacket…short sleeves at long sleeves lang. Till the next ride…

  14. Bobby Rubio says:

    Teka, hindi ba ito ‘promo’ ng movie ni Tom Hanks at Julia Roberts na Larry Crowne? c”,)


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