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Another very satisfied 2211 Works Customer

Newly bitten Vespa fanatic Gerdie Francisco gushes all about the excellent service she experienced when she picked up her brand spanking new Vespa LX 150 from the local Piaggio distributor recently.

This is a welcome change from all the horror stories we’ve been hearing about 2211 for the past years. Those of us who have stuck with them know that they can offer much better service than they did before and we are very happy that, under the able leadership of 2211 head honcho Migs Oca, 2211 has apparently turned a new leaf and is slowly regaining it’s status as THE place to go for all things Vespa (and Piaggio, Gilera for that matter).

Yesterday, as I planned to go to 2211, I was thinking of bringing my camera. The DSLR thinga-ma-jig. Except that, I felt lazy to carry it with me. So, when I got to 2211, I find this slender, salt and pepper haired guy waxing a brand new Piaggio Vespa LX150. Whoah!!! It’s Nani!!! Talk about “real service”. A leader who practice “servant leadership”. Who would think that THE Dr. Scoot would personally wax a Vespa LX before it goes out of the shop for its new owner? I knew it! I should have brought my DSLR!!! Grrr!!!

Read more of this wonderful article in Gerdie’s blog here.

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