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250 MP3 comes out with 14″ rear wheel

Got this from Modern Vespa.

Apparently Piaggio has come out with a 14″ rear wheeled 250cc MP3. This is an improvement over the 12″ it now has (sharing the same specs as the GT, GTS, GTV). The 12″ on the 250 MP3 caused a lot of problems for users because of the rapid tire wear caused by the very heavy load being pushed by the bike due to the extra weight of the front suspension. It’s been reported that rear tires last around 3,000 miles on the 250 as compared to around 6,000 miles on the 400 and the 500.

The question now remains, will the new tires retrofit to the old 250’s sold here in the Philippines.

Time to ask 2211 or MotoItalia for the answers.

Discuss the article here.

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