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30th Anniversary Vespa PX

Vespa P125X

Hat tip to Steve of Scooter Scoop.

Seems that the rumors of the PX’s demise were true after all. After much of the local scooter scene was in denial of the announced End of Life of this most beloved Vespa line, here we have conclusive proof that 2007 is truly the final year of the Vespa PX.

30 years is a great run, no other scooter has run for that long, I believe. Despite it’s non-classic lines, as compared to it’s vintage counterpart, the Vespa PX more than made up for it’s lack of aesthetic appeal by delivering unparalleled durability and longevity that made it an instant favorite among regular scooter riders.


rough translation from the Italian press release.
Vespa P125X 30 years 1977 – 2007, 30 years of myth PX.

Very few products can boast to have ridden the wave for one much less many years. 30 years have seen the PX produce 40 versions, produced in piston displacements 80, 100, 125, 150 and 200 for a total or more than 3 million vehicles sold all over the world.

2007 represent also the year of end of the production of Vespa PX and for this occasion it has been decided to produce a special lottery numbered “Last Series” of 1,000 vehicles. The units belongings to this special series are guaranteed from the number of the chassis comprised between ZAPM0930200020001 and ZAPM0930200021000, brought back on one nameplate, riveted on the left front part of the traveling case, indicating also the production number.

Click here for the complete translation from the Italian Vespa site.

9 Responses to “30th Anniversary Vespa PX”

  1. joneighbors says:

    this is sad. the most succesful vespa model. i was hoping na maglalabsa sila ng 4T version ng px. bajaj came out with a geared 4 stroke.

  2. Edmund Umali says:

    At siempre puti din ang kulay! …With this news, I’m keeping my PX. For sure!

  3. Bimbo says:

    yup that’s the holy grail I guess for us PX lovers, the 4 Stroke PX. But ever since Piaggio came out with the ET4 it spelled the death knell for the PX since it was clear that Piaggio saw automatic in the future of the Vespa. Now with the relase of the LX, GT lines, there’s no doubt that that dream will remain, well, a dream.

    But still keeping my fingers crossed though.

  4. Bimbo says:

    Yup, sure does making one part with a PX all the more difficult.

    GT/Matic Vespa for cruising, PX for fun!!

  5. John Rana says:

    Sana pati spare tire naka whiteside.

  6. Dave (Scoot65) says:

    I’m a little disappointed that this is the 30th Anniv. model. I too was hoping for something special like a 4 stroke PX with at least 200cc

  7. Bimbo says:

    Hey Dave, a lot of us were wishing that, but alas, we now say goodbye to a fantastic scooter.

    btw, isn’t it available in the UK?

  8. wpsdk12 says:

    Discover the history of all the classic models that helped Vespa becoming an iconic Brand worldwide.

  9. Vespa PX 125 30 Anniversary Ultima series #477 of the lastoriginal PX’s built.

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