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Advice for the young at (Vespa) heart

I recently posted an answer, on our forum, to a question from a Vespa owner from Baguio who’s been having all sorts of trouble with his Vespa. I thought I would share it with you gys here.

i wouldnt be concerned with a 1mm wiggle of the front wheel.
I agree with teng it must be a loose nut, just like the vespa “mechanic” a loose nut hehe. It must have been there long before you had the encounter with the lubak (pothole).

It takes a lot to destroy a Vespa, but it takes only a bit of bad advice to screw it up.

I saw your discussion on MCP about replacing your Vespa because of all the headaches you’ve had. I hope you don’t mind this piece of advice. If you really want your Vespa to run well, bite the bullet…walang remedyo, if the darned engine’s screwed up, replace it, you can ask from 2211 or this forum if anyone’s selling a second hand cylinder and piston, or purchase an upgrade kit. You’ve spent a lot on your Vespa already and it’s no assurance that if you get another one that you wont spend more. Unless you’re insanely rich or are fully committed to it na, its better to stick with the unit with the problem you know about rather than gamble on an unknown quantity. It’s a seller’s market out there and getting a good vespa will cost more today than when you got yours, plus the fact that the selling price of your Vespa now, in its present condition, would be substantially lower, and I’m sure you know naman that not disclosing various problems of the unit to a prospective buyer just attracts bad mojo.

I still stick with my advice from way way back, stick with it, love it, do what it takes to fix it and it will love you back 10 times over.

stepping off my soapbox now………


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