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All Bikes Now Banned from SLEX?

I just heard over the radio this morning what was being discussed in the forum for weeks now. All bikes are now banned from the SLEX. As far as the report was concerned they were only talking about the SLEX and have no word about the NLEX, Coastal Road and the Star Tollways.

This was in keeping with the Supreme Court decision banning all bikes from Limited Access Facilities, and the DOTC(?) order naming the various freeways as LAF’s, according to the report on radio. The funny thing is that, as stated in the report, they will start citing violators but will not issue tickets since they still have to wait for the implementing rules and regulations (IRR) of the ban.

From the moment this battle started, it was, and still is an uphill battle, even if the community as one came together, we still have to battle public opinion. One text from a listener even went as far as saying that all bikes need to banned from all major roads in the city, including EDSA, C5 and Roxas Boulevard. Now this may seem like a far fetched idea, but it really reflects on one major issue that all motorcyclists have to deal with day in and day out. We have an image problem. This will take a while to fix but this division between the community is not helping this or any cause we are trying to push forward.

Always the optimist, I hope this is a case of a step back to leap to steps forward, maybe it’s time we start acting as a real community and act as one.

7 Responses to “All Bikes Now Banned from SLEX?”

  1. Jojo Hosaka M.D. says:

    Hi Bimbo! The image problem of motorcycle riders is really a big problem. I still have to find/meet a non-motorcycle rider who speaks well of us motorcycle riders.

    If I may digress abit, sometime late last year I was in my cage with some foreign ship owners, we had lunch at Tomas Morato after touring some hospitals along E.Rodriguez. We were waiting at an intersection for a left turn light to turn green. The intersection was free with no oncoming traffic, so all the motorcyclists were making left turns even if the light was red. The car ahead of me was blowing his horn at a rider on an baby blue Vespa that wouldn’t budge because the light was still red. My guests were wondering why was the guy blowing his horn when infact the light was still red and for doing what was right. A few months later this Vespa riderI would be a classmate at the MRC safety course-it was Direk Pal. He was already a law abiding safe rider and yet he took the course! My point is how come all the riders that I know are safe and responsible riders? Why can’t everyone be the same so we wouldn’t have this image problem? In fact I still have to see a Vespa rider that speeds on sidewalks. When you motorcylists do that you just make more people hate us. Hay naku!

    Anyway just like you Sir I always see the glass half full even against the odds. More power Sir!

  2. John Rana says:

    Nice story, Jojo! Mabuhay si Pal! 😀

  3. Edmund Umali says:

    Hat tip to my batchmate Pal. Nice story Jojo. And Bimbo. 🙂

  4. pal says:

    napag-usapan pala ako hehehe.
    well, we all have to help set a good example, don’t we?

  5. Jojo Hosaka M.D. says:

    Right you are Pal! You were making a left turn to one of the streets leading to Aurora, I’m not sure if it was Hemady.

  6. Noel Marantan says:

    Can we have the latest on banning big-bikes on SLEX? Implementation is not consistent.. some other toll gate allows entry while others dont.., noel

  7. where in metro manila roads prohibit the use of scooters bec i live in cavite i want to visit the tourist spot in manila but im always bec i know manila authorities specially the traffic enforcer are not friendly bec they are alwys happy to caught a motorist specialy the tourist bec they can get big money from this person bec they believe he is new in this place the imapct of this scenario is that the countryside fellow is now afraid to go in manila and have some fun and spend big money for the revenue of the city. pls try to resolve this problem we in the countryside are afraid to travel there in the big city and spend our money bec of these scalawag traffic enforcers

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