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Almost a Milenyo Casualty

I almost became another statistic of the Typhoon Milenyo’s aftermath tonight.

On my way home from the office, inside Barrio Kapitolyo, I came upon several Meralco trucks who were just parked on the side of the road. After carefully scanning the situation, I decided to overtake them just as we neared the hump right after the Holy Family Parish, it was a perfect move, no car on the opposite lane, no pedestrians, no anything. The one thing that was there was a piece of wire that had apparently fallen from the pole (electrical or telephone i don’t know). The darned Meralco people were fixing or collecting or doing whatever they were doing to that line in complete darkness and without any, and I mean there was NOTHING there as a form of warning that work was underway.

I suddenlt felt the wire hit my front legshield and made its way up the scoot to the mirrors. It was a good thing that either the people let go of one end or the cable was cut, the cable just made it’s way around the scoot and my body leaving ugly ugly ugly black scratches on my cowls and my headset.

Stupid, truly stupid!

4 Responses to “Almost a Milenyo Casualty”

  1. Sasha Manuel says:

    At least you’re alright, right? 🙂

  2. Gail says:

    damn. buti nalang! or you would have been part of the statistics. that WAS a close one.

  3. Bimbo says:

    Yup, nothing bad naman, a slight scratch on my forearm. The Vespa survived naman. I removed the ugly black marks using rubbing compound.

    Good thing yun lang.

  4. Kiven says:

    welcome to the club hehe


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