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Angry Birds

20110822-044555.jpgRiding home from work, an underbone rider wearing an unbuckled helmet and racing tsinelas raced past me as I turned a corner near my house. As he raced past me he flipped me the finger, for reasons I can only think his all too feeble mind could think of. Of course the angry bird was flipped as he was well past me. I decided to give the pea brain a dose of his own medicine.

It was quite obvious that he saw me coming up from behind since he suddenly sped away and began weaving. I eventually caught up with him since I was running faster (not crazy fast, mind you), in the corners. I rode up right beside him, looked him straight in the eye and rained angry bird after angry bird on him. Yup, it was childish, but darn it felt good! Justice ha!

Now I don’t recommend nor even encourage this kind of behavior, but my patience can only take so much.

14 Responses to “Angry Birds”

  1. direkyey says:


  2. Funny… pero bad!! Eheheh!

  3. Bimbo says:

    Yey, easy pa nga ako nun.
    Deinz, oo nag, felt a bit bad, konting konti lang.

  4. randy says:

    tama lang yan! I will also do the same thing 🙂

  5. palo lang katapat nyan.

  6. Bimbo says:

    Randy, hehe sabi na eh.
    Boylit, bukas Eastridge!

  7. Jon Gan says:

    XD @ racing tsinelas… was he wearing padded racing shorts as well?

  8. Jon Gan says:

    oh oh, and putting his feet on the passenger foot pegs? *puke*

  9. jun says:

    pissssssss men!

  10. Botchock Rey says:

    Bimbo, dapat sa age natin peace-loving na tayo, bawal uminit ulo baka atakihin sa puso kaya bawasan mo na ang paglalaro ng angry bird mo! Ay, ano ba yan! 🙂 Regards.

  11. Ed Umali says:

    Baka ingit lang sya sa 3 mong gulong… 🙂

  12. Christian Andersen says:

    Should have given him the Athlete’s Foot instead.

  13. jojohosaka says:

    It really is difficult trying to stay “easy”. Sometimes these “feeble minded riders” have the audacity to overtake you and do a brake test on you. Lord! Patawarin mo at kunin mo na sila!

  14. mike baldueza says:

    Marami talagang ganyan sir. Sila na nga mali sila pa galit. Most(not all) of the scooter/motorcycle drivers kasi ngayon walang discipline and courtesy pag nasa kalsada, even pedestrians(parang namamasyal kung tumawid). Here in Bulacan, daming riders na walang discipline and courtesy parang lahat nakikipagrace lagi.

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