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Arrivederci Vespa Blogs

Vespa Blogs

The two Official Vespa Blogs, Vespaway.Com and Vespaquest.Com apparently kicked the bucket. 2StrokeBuzz carried this story about this very disappointing turn of events.

I honestly believe Piaggio has missed a golden opportunity abandoning these sites. As explained by Crystal of girlbike.com and one of the “Official” Vespa blogger, in her final post on Vespaway.Com…

But in case you haven’t noticed, I’m the only one who posts over here these days, and even then, it’s a bit sporadic. My sincere apologies for that. I signed up as a volunteer blogger for Vespa almost two years ago, but over time, the enthusiasm and communication from the marketing folks at Vespa for the blog has dwindled considerably. It’s been difficult for me to maintain a cheerleader attitude, as much as I love Vespas. I wrote why I blog for Vespa a year ago, and the reasons haven’t changed. It’s an experiment I’m glad to have been a part of, and for me, at least, the experiment is over. My queries to VespaUSA folks about the destiny of the blog have gone unanswered, so I don’t know what the plans are for this blog, if any.

Good thing that girlbike.com is still there where we can still continue to read Crystal’s writing.

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