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Biker riders are now felons

If i read the MMDA’s chairman’s statement correctly, we are now officially criminals who are guilty before being proven innocent.

Read this.

He suggested that the Metro mayors enact a common resolution stipulating that the failure to put the license plate numbers on the helmets of motorcycle owners and riders should be treated as a criminal offense and not as a mere traffic violation to thwart criminals from using motorcycles in the commission of crimes.

“No plate on the helmet should carry with it stiffer penalties – like impounding the motorcycle and the appropriate fines and charges because there is a deliberate attempt by the felon to conceal his identity and avoid positive identification by the public,” Fernando said.

Placing stickers on helmets will not solve this Mr. Chairman. This is merely another stop gap measure approved by our lazy local officials to show that they’re doing something. Was the community consulted regarding this? We have a fairly active MC riding community and a pretty large organization headed by the MCPF but it seems that they weren’t consulted.

It’s another poorly thought about plan. Generalizing all riders into one group and discriminating that group which just makes their life a whole lot easier and ours a whole lot harder.

This has got to stop. Can I please ask the MCPF leadership to do something about this. This is discrimination in it’s purest form and cannot and should not be tolerated.

2 Responses to “Biker riders are now felons”

  1. notarius says:

    Absolutely. The same rule should apply to drivers of vehicles. This ought to lessen carnapping.

    Any thoughts, Mr. Chairman, on addressing adultery?

    Foolish, isn’t it!

  2. bry says:

    dun parin ko sa px!!!

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