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Blogging from 2211

Here I am, unconnected at home for the first time in more than 6 years.

I am now in 2211 Works and am using their internet connection to do some work and blog. I haven’t been updated my blog lately and I feel kinda guilty, but heck, on John noticed anyway hehe.

I hope to go back to regular programming as soon as I get a net connection at home that isn’t named PLDT.

GT Update.
Another reason I’m here is because my GT is up for it’s 1000km check up. It’s way past that anyway but I just got of the oil I wanted to use yesterday. In a few minutes he’ll be topped up by one of the most expensive oils I’ve see Motul 300V 100% Full Synth. No joke at Php 800.00 / bottle. But being a long time Motul user (Motul 600 on my PX), I expect nothing but the best from them.

One Response to “Blogging from 2211”

  1. John Rana says:

    And I’ve noticed too that there’s a new entry! woo-hoo! 😆

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