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Demistifying the Piaggio MP3


I have always been a fan of Steve Williams’ blog Scooter in the Sticks and each visit to his site reminds me why I love riding.  His articles give you a sense of what it really feels like to ride. Pure emotion plus a little bit of tech stuff thrown in just for the fun of it.  And his pictures are probably the best I’ve seen online, scooter or non-scooter related.  Wish I could take photos like that, maybe I should get my personal fog machine too eh Steve.

So imagine my surprise when I found this gem of an article regarding the Piaggio MP3 on his site.  This was written just a week or two after I had just gotten my own MP3 and was also getting used to the quirks of the machine.

As did I, Steve had misconceptions about the MP3 before he had the chance to actually ride it.

From the first time I read about the Piaggio MP3 I began collecting a series of misperceptions. Until I finally had a chance to take it for a long ride last weekend I didn’t realize how completely I misunderstood this machine. I was wrong about how it worked, about why someone might choose one, and most of all about the stability of the MP3.

For the complete article head on over to Steve’s blog.  Believe me it’s worth the visit.

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