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Euroscoot’s Titanium Butt Ride 2008

Titanium Butt Ride!

After roughly 1,300 kilometers of travelling, Euroscoot‘s 2008 Ride which followed the reverse Northern Luzon Loop (Manila-Nueva Ecija-Nueva Vizcaya-Tuguegarao-Isabela-Pagudpud-La Union-Manila) I finally got home at around 6 pm Sunday evening, tired, dirty and smelling it.

It was one of the toughest rides, physically, I have ever been on. The Vespa GT performed flawlessly. I got it us high as 130 kmh on the long stretches of Isabela before finally giving way to good old fashioned fear. The GT could handle more, but I could not, no need to go that fast when you have 400 kms of open road in front of you.

I will leave it to the rest of the guys who joined the trip, as well as the other club members who went on a parallel ride (VCOP and Scoot 66) doing the Northern Loop, to share their stories. It’s too much of an experience for just one person to tell.

Forum discussion regarding the ride here.

Thanks to direkyey for the photo!

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