Ride. Rest. Repeat.

Flying past the Flying Squad

I was flagged down by the Flying Squad along Marcos Highway in Marikina. I kinda guessed it was a “What da hell is that thing!?!?” kinda flag down kasi I was past the last officer when he basically ran beside me waving frantically.

So I stopped gave him my papers and true to my suspicion their Superior officer came forward and started asking questions about the bike. We ended up having a rather lively discussion about riding fast on the SCTEX, specially after I saw their brand spanking new Fazer 600’s, darn it they looked REALLY REALLY nice.

So after a few more questions and a hearty farewell I was on my way again. None the worst for wear. I guess it’s one of the few things you deal with with having such a unique looking scoot.

C’est la vie

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