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Geared 4 Stroke Vespa Coming Soon?

As a discussion regarding the Stella’s return to the US market in this post went along, focus shifted towards the rumored interest of Piaggio in developing a 4-stroke, geared Vespa to replace the PX series which just recently reached it’s EOL.

According to this comment from VCOA Historian John Gerber on 2 Stroke Buzz……

Only a year ago at the factory in Italy Massimo Mirosi, head of European operations and number 3 in the Piaggio hierachy, told me that there probably would not be a geared four stroke Vespa. What a difference a year makes. Clearly they don’t want to be outflanked by LML.

It would seem that it is in the best interest of Piaggio to come up with a 4-stroke PX because L.M.L. has had that project in the works even before the bankruptcy and now that they are back on line it seems that the project is pushing through.

This will make a lot of people here, this author inculded, very very happy. This has always been something that I was wishing would come. The Vespa PX, bless it’s soul, is a fun scooter to ride, probably the best I’ve ridden. But it’s 2 stroke engine really left a lot to be desired. Powerful, yes! Reliable, yes! Economical, maybe. Clean, heck no! Much as I love the little 2-stroker I always secretly wished it was a bit greener.

With that announcement, it seems we’re a step nearer to a cleaner, greener “geared” Vespa!

Yeah baby!!

2 Responses to “Geared 4 Stroke Vespa Coming Soon?”

  1. mark says:

    This is nice. parang bajaj chetak.

  2. yocky says:

    I’m going to buy one and re badge it as an lml init!

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